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Certification Course


Certification Course


Certification Course

Basic Course

The Basic Certification course is a prerequisite to the HancomWITH Mobile Forensic Professional (HCMP) Certification. This course is designed for those new to mobile forensics. This course equip you with basic mobile forensic knowledge and train you in the practical use of HancomWITH’s mobile forensic software for data extraction and analysis. Build your knowledge of the mobile forensic business.

Course details
  • - Introduction of Mobile Forensics
  • - Cases of Mobile Forensics
  • - Procedure and Basic skills of Mobile Forensics
  • - Mobile Forensic Tool Practice
  • - Data Extraction & Analysis
  • - Qualification Exam
Advanced Course

The Advanced Certification course is a prerequisite to the HancomWITH Certified Mobile Forensic Examiner (HCME) Certification. This course is aimed at mobile forensics examiners, and deals with HancomWITH’s hardware and software products with high level techniques for Android/iOS-based smartphone forensics and different types of analysis methods. Become equipped with skills and knowledge in the use of HancomWITH’s total mobile forensic solution.

Course details
  • - High-Level Technique of Mobile Forensics technique of Mobile Forensics
  • - Binary Data Analysis
  • - SQLite Database Analysis analysis
  • - File System Analysis: Types & Features
  • - Mobile Forensic Tool Practice - Multimedia, JTAG, Chip-off, Memory Removal
  • - Qualification Exam
Expert Course

The Expert Certification course is a prerequisite to the HancomWITH Certified Mobile Forensic Specialist (HCMS) Certification. This course is targeted at advanced examiners and deals with Python and application analysis practices.Master in-depth mobile forensic investigative methodology and cope with every task on your own.

Course details
  • - Lecture on Python Language
  • - Application Analysis Practice