About HancomWITH

We Empower Your Investigation

We Empower Your Investigation!
As a globally leading research group of mobile and digital forensics, we have been dedicated to developing a forensic solution which supports digital investigations.
Our mobile and digital forensic solution, MD-SERIES, has been provided to hundreds of global investigation agencies since 2005. All of our products and technologies satisfy our clients’ demands and expectations.
We believe our customers well recognize our sincere service and passion for new technology development. We continuously engage with our customers, and now we are growing rapidly to be a global top mobile forensic company.

Business Area

Mobile and Digital Forensic Products

Training & Certification
Mobile Forensics Training Courses for Investigators and Auditors

Mobile & Digital Forensic Service

Mobile Phone, Computer, Video, Document, IoT Forensic Service for Law Firms, Audit Firms, and eDiscovery Corporations

Digital Forensic Lab Solution
Fully Equipped with Digital Forensic Laboratory Solution

Our Competitiveness

01. Total mobile forensic solutions from on the spot to physical laboratory utilities

02. Supports a wide range of global mobile phone models and applications

03. Specialized in Asian manufacturers’ device & diverse Apps popular in Asia

04. Forensic purpose-built hardware products for JTAG/Chip-off

05. Useful mobile forensic packages for Triage/Field Investigation/Training

06. New digital forensic software products for Cloud/Video/IoT/Drone/Vehicle

07. User-friendly UI with rich experience

08. Online package updates and subscription of new devices & latest apps version

09. In-depth mobile forensic training & certification courses

10. Experienced in mobile forensic laboratory establishment and management