3Q 2021 MD-Series Release Note Highlights

MD-NEXT v1.90.3 ~ v1.90.11

  • Android Full Filesystem extraction for Android 11 Galaxy A series – Supports A10, A11, A30, A40, A50, Jean2, Wide4 series.
  • Increased iOS FFS extraction success ratio by improving the stability of Checkm8 method
  • Supports ‘Before First Unlock(BFU)’ extraction process when screen lock can’t be unlocked.
  • Supports HiSuite backup protocol for the devices with Android 10 or higher versions
  • Improved App Downgrade and Restoring process for Samsung Android version 11 or above


MD-RED v3.7.37 ~ v3.7.48

  • Supports analysis of Recycle Bin in Samsung devices with Android 11
  • Nokia feature phone analysis: TA-1017, TA-1034
  • Improved metadata analysis of image/video – MD-RED displays the time zone information next to the date/time
  • Supports ‘Unclassified file’ artifacts
  • Supports batch checking of related chat room/contact from the analysis results


MD-LIVE v3.4.4 ∼ v3.4.7 

  • Supports Video/Audio recording by HDMI capture card
  • Supports DB Report (SQLite)
  • Supports HiSuite backup protocol for the devices with Android 10 or higher versions
  • Added Keywords Search by Regular Expression


MD-VIDEO v3.7.0 v3.7.2

  • Supports video recovery from the file slack area of FAT32-based format free filesystem
  • Supports automatic detection of bounding box of each digit in the selected area
  • Improvements of MD-VIDEO AI – Timeline UI/UX, Added SRGAN model for super-resolution, Number Plate Analysis, Viewer UI, Comments UI
  • Added new models – DVR(5), Dashcam(5)

-DVR: Hanwha Techwin (XRN-1610A), ITX Security (UTM5HGB), NADATEL (AP-0405R), WEBGATE (HAC430F)

-Dashcam: Apeman (C450), COMTEC (ZDR-015), Garmin (66W), KENWOOD (DRV-MR745), Nextbase (622GW)


MD-CLOUD v1.7.0

  • Improved analysis of recurring information in Google Calendar
  • Enhanced preview function by adding additional media formats


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