2Q 2020 MD-Series Release Note Highlights

Check the major features of MD-Series released in 2Q 2020, if you would like to know more go download PDF file.


MD-NEXT v1.88.1-1.89.4

  • New iOS Full Filesystem(Checkm8) Extraction applied to iPhone series SE/6s/6s+/7/7+/8/8+/X
  • New Physical Extraction for Samsung Galaxy Exynos Chipset, Android 10
  • Bootloader Pro Extraction supports the latest version of Android 10
  • Unlock support for Xiaomi models with MIUI 10 to 11

MD-RED v3.5.3-3.6.8

  • Added Report Exporting feature for ‘MD-Explorer’ viewer program
  • Analysis of Samsung Secure Folder
  • Analysis support for iOS Full Filesystem image format from Cellebrite ‘UFED’ (*.dar)
  • iOS Full File System (Added system logs analysis)
  • Supports analysis for Android apps installed in Parallel Space app

MD-LIVE v3.3.10-3.3.14

  • New Device Log Analysis Feature
  • Supports analysis for Android apps installed in Parallel Space app
  • User can decide proceeding downgrade according to the state of app installation

MD-VIDEO v3.1.0-3.2.0

  • Resume the abnormally terminated case
  • The image can be enhanced by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and color of the analysis results
  • AI Analysis has added function that allows users to filter only the objects matched by the selected area and by the selected color in the Object Gallery

MD-CLOUD v1.3.0

  • Added ‘Telegram’ extraction module – Credential file authentication (Android), Mobile authentication (Android, iOS, etc.)

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